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The Dashboard section gives you an overview of your daily activity in terms of Profile Views, Twitter Likes, Invites, Acceptances, InMails, Sequences and Replies. You can also view the total number for each of these metrics across a certain date range, by using the using the datepicker option, located in the right-hand corner.
You also have the option to view the above stats either for all your campaigns combined, or for one campaign at a time. This option is located in the right-hand corner, as well.


Campaign Stats

On the top of the Campaign page, you’ll have an overview of the global limits across all campaigns, together with the progress of each module in the past 24 hours.
In the campaign list, you’ll have a helicopter view of the performance across all your campaigns, where the number of Invites, InMails or Sequence messages are also monitored through metrics like Acceptance Rate or Response Rate. You also have the option to Pause, Edit or Delete an existing campaign.
You can improve your messaging and data segments that you target by running multiple A/B tests and analyzing these key metrics.


Profile Stats

By accessing the profiles of each campaign, you’ll get granular stats that also includes information about the action of each module on individual profiles. So for example, if you’ve sent an invite to a profile but no sequence because he responded together with the invite acceptance - all this information will be in the logs.
You’re also able to export (in CSV format) all the profiles together with their status and action logs, including timestamps.


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