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Getting Started


Connecting your accounts

Once you’ve opened your account, you’ll need to connect your LinkedIn and Twitter account. Connecting your Twitter account is only mandatory if you’re looking to activate the twitter module inside your campaigns.

As soon as you connect both your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, you are ready to set up your first campaign.


Setting up your first campaign

1. Prospectr on LinkedIn

Conduct your Search on LinkedIn Premium or LinkedIn Sales Navigator. When doing that, you’d want to keep your search result under 1,000 profiles, as LinkedIn will never display more profiles in a filter.


2. Create a campaign

Inside your dashboard, under a new campaign that you’re creating, paste the LinkedIn Search URL and then click again on Create campaign


3. Cleanse your list

Before you would set up the modules that you’re interested in, you want to make sure that the merge fields that you use in the outreach messages are accurate (e.g. their first name). For this you need to click on their profiles and edit any necessary details.


4. Setting up your modules

Now that you’ve cleansed your list, you can start activating and setting up your modules.
You can either start with certain modules, or you can enable all, as the platform has been designed to detect and block any overlaps in key outbound actions, like messaging the prospect via InMail if they have already responded via Invite Message or even Sequence
You can read more about the campaign modules here - Campaign Modules explained


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