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Frequently Asked Questions

The in's and out's

How is Prospectr different than other tools?

Prospectr is not another Chrome extension that you need to install in your browser, but a cloud-based software that allows you to fully automate your LinkedIn outreach campaigns, without being dependant on your device or internet connection.

What languages do you support?

There is no limitation on the language of your LinkedIn account or the language that you use to connect with prospects.

Is there a long term commitment?

There is no long term commitment with Prospectr. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime. Upgrades and downgrades take effect immediately. The new monthly rate begins at the start of your next billing cycle.

Do I need a LinkedIn Premium account to use Prospectr?

Once you’ve opened your account, you’ll need to connect your LinkedIn and Twitter account. Connecting your Twitter account is only mandatory if you’re looking to activate the twitter module inside your campaigns.

As soon as you connect both your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, you are ready to set up your first campaign.

Connecting your accounts

You can test Prospectr using a Free LinkedIn account however because the number of your profile views and profile searches will be limited on a free account, you will need to upgrade to a paid LinkedIn account to fully benefit from the Prospectr features. We recommend LinkedIn Sales Navigator as the filtering options are superior to LinkedIn Premium.

Is Prospectr GDPR compliant?

GDPR doesn't affect the LinkedIn Outreach and messaging campaigns, so whilst your other marketing communications could be severely curtailed, Prospectr ensures that you can run fully compliant campaigns

What results can I expect to see?

Each profile and business is different, however all businesses need exposure, visibility and to stay in front of their ideal prospects. The look-back rates that we're seeing can range between 2-14%, with an average of 9%. Many of the people who look back at your profile will send you a connection request, but can also visit your website and engage directly with you. By using the Auto-Connect, Free InMails or Sequential Messaging feature, you'll be able to continuously reach out to new prospects, all on auto-pilot, which will guarantee a steady stream of leads every day, while exponentially growing your professional network.

Is Prospectr safe to use?

LinkedIn has certain activity limits, such as 1000 profile views or 1500 page views per day. Prospectr takes these and other factors into consideration and ensures that the connection requests and messages are sent within random time intervals inside your schedule, to better emulate human behavior. Prospectr also limits the number of actions per day to ensure your account safety

Can I run Prospectr on multiple LinkedIn profiles?

When you activate Prospectr, you'll be asked to link your Prospectr account with your LinkedIn one. If you are interested in running Prospectr on multiple accounts, please inquire about available options, discounts or agency plans.

Why did my LinkedIn account get disconnected?

If you are connected with your LinkedIn profile on multiple devices, you might get disconnected as part of LinkedIn security measures. If this happens, we recommend to stick to our platform and one other device only and you should no longer encounter such issues. You can also Sign out of all these sessions, however we'd also advise to change the password too, especially if there are sessions that you don't recognise.

Another reason why you might get disconnected is if you have an unusual number of profile views, invites or InMails per day. To avoid that, you’d want to ensure that you start with minimal values on all modules and gradually increase the limits by 20% per week until you reach the upper limit.


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