Campaign modules explained


Campaign Schedule

Use the campaign schedule to select the times when you wish to contact the prospects. Using this feature you can ensure that you don’t send out any messages outside of the prospects working hours. You can also use the schedule to A/B test the response rate for identical messages sent at different times.

This is customizable to each individual campaign. Therefore, if you are running campaigns in different time zones, you will customize the schedule for the time zone applicable to that filter.


Profile Views

Using the Profile view feature, you can automatically visit a certain number of LinkedIn profiles each day, making them aware of your visit to their profile. In return, a certain percentage of these will also visit your profile, LinkedIn company page or website.


Twitter Likes

The tool can also automatically search for the Twitter account of all the profiles that you process, and favorite their last tweet. This is a very subtle yet powerful method to get the attention of your prospects.


Profile Invites

You can target your ideal prospects on LinkedIn by sending thousands of personalized invitations to connect per month, all on auto pilot. Due to LinkedIn outreach restrictions, we always advise that you don’t start with the upper limit available under Settings but start with approximately 30 Invites per day and then gradually increase with 10-20 every couple of days.


Free InMails

This feature allows you to automatically send thousands of InMails per month to LinkedIn premium members with an open profile, even if they're outside of your network. The module will automatically avoid sending out any paid InMails, by automatically detecting the open profiles from a campaign and targeting those only.



This powerful feature can drive conversations at scale with all your 1st degree connections from a campaign. Using the Sequence together with the Invite module will ensure that you target all your recently added connections belonging to that campaign, with a sequence of personalized messages. The tool will also detect all responses so they don't receive additional follow-ups once the conversation starts.

Instead of an instant send out, the first step will be sent within 24 hours after a new 1st degree connection has been detected, to better emulate human behavior.


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